Suggested Conferences

     I want to use my gifts to serve the kingdom of God. Below are examples of teaching series I have done. I feel that most preachers can talk on subject and do a good job. So I have listed topics that are in my gift mix, that I personal live, which I bare a ton of fruit in, and tend to bring term change for the congregations that I teach them in. I can do them as single services, or entire conferences. If you think any of these could help your church please let me know.

Following the Spirit

    I taught prayer teams for seven years in the Vineyard before the Lord called me to Bethel. My hearts desire is to see a church that can radically follow the Spirit, and do so while keeping things healthy.

     I meet people where they are at in their journey, and create a safe environment for them to take their next steps forward. I find that miracles over flow in an environment of love.  At the same time, I help the analytical by addressing the hard philosophical, scientific, and theological questions that deep thinkers might have, without making the sermon seem too heady.  

Becoming Who You Were Made to Be

     I was beat for hours at a time. After college, I started experiencing PTSD symptoms in my mid twenties. I became dysfunctional; I was barely productive, and found myself 240lbs. I was really stuck in a part time job, far from doing what I was called to do. Part of the reason was because I was trained to think of myself as worthless.  

    The Lord began to teach me how to begin to honor the gifts he put in me, and to develop the character and skills to break free from the bondage of my past.  As I partnered with Him, I found myself thriving. I found myself writing successful books, teaching, owning business, my relationships got healthier.  I began teaching others what God had taught me, and they began to grow rapidly. They moved from being stuck, to thriving.

 Supernatural Leadership

      I absolutely love training leaders. I am passionate about teaching leadership teams how to develop the next generation of leaders, and to see them thrive.  Secondly, I help church team get things done faster and more effectively. Lastly, I train leaders how to lead ministry time so they are more confident when they are on stage, that they can keep things flowing in a healthy direction.