Preaching Class Application

I am looking to help 4-8 teachers and/or preachers take their speaking to the next level.

Class Format: 

We will meet for 9 weeks in the lake building during the middle of the day. I will set a time and date once I talk to all the applicants that I am choosing. 

The class will take around 3 hours. I will teach the fundamentals of preaching for 30 minutes. Then every student will preach for 20 minutes.  The only way to learn to preach is to preach. Then you receive five minutes of feedback. I was a Vineyard pastor for 7 years, and developed a lot of leaders that way. (If I take 8 people, we will break up into two groups after I am done).

You will be expected to prepare your sermon with a partner outside of class for 2-3 hours weekly.  This will be a very small class. Space is limited.

In this class I will answer:

How do you follow the Spirit while you preach?

How do you preach with power and authority?

How can your sermons be deep (exegetically and theologically solid)?

What’s the real goal of teaching and preaching?

What’s the difference between how great preachers and poor preachers in how they approach sermons?

What’s the difference between disciple making and public speaking?

Where do you find material?

How do you prepare?

How do you end sermons?

How do you make your sermons relevant and applicable?

How to lead ministry time and keep things spirit-led and healthy?

How can you eliminate rabbit trails?

How do you develop yourself as a speaker?

How do you steward your gift?

How can you start teaching now?

What teaching on a staff is like?

How do preaching teams work?

How do you develop the next generation of speakers?

This class is ideal for:

  • Those with less than 5 years experience teaching on a Sunday Morning Preaching Team.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a course or class.
  • Those who feel they have a calling, but really need someone help them start out. 
  • Those who want to train others to teach/preach. 

The purpose of this application is to help me determine if I am the right fit to help you. Some will be selected, and some will not based on reasons I will not disclose. Do not allow a lack of experience make you feel like you are not qualified to fill this out. The best way to increase your odds to get in is not to write what you think I want to hear, rather it is to be honest and real. 

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