Leading Ministry Time


"A Must Read Book."~ Michael Brodeur

"Elijah is An Equipping Machine."~Steve Backlund  

"It Will Become a Staple for Training at our Church." ~Jeff Anderle

"This Book Creates Confidence We Can Produce Community That Ministers in Power and Respect." ~ Dann Farrelly



Leading ministry time is the act of coaching a group of believers to partner with Jesus to see His kingdom come. If you've never done that before, you might have a lot of questions. Where do I start? How do I see God’s power? What if I mess up? What if someone disrespects others? What would I say? What if I can't tell if something is God, the demonic, or just the personality of the person getting prayer? Leading Ministry Time addresses these issues and many more. It will train you how to coach others while creating a healthy environment. It also gives you strategy for leading in both small group and corporate settings. Get your copy today.     


Elijah Stephens went to Covenant College. He graduated with a dual major in psychology and philosophy. He married, his wife, Alison in 2005. Then, he became a pastor in the Vineyard Movement for seven years. Currently, he develops church leaders throughout the world.