What's a coach?

          It is someone who guides you to do the things you need to do today to become the person you want in the future. I am not a psychologist who helps you process your past, or a mentor who tells you about my past. My goal is to push you to get results in the future.   

Will you judge me?

         No…I meet people where they are at, and help them move forward. I build people up by speaking the truth in love, not by using fear and shame.  

What is Growth Coaching all about?

         Growth—Helping you become more of what God created you to be.  

         Coaching—The art of having conversations that fertilize and motivate growth.

What’s your process?

           First, I’ll help you discover the dreams that God wants you to work on during this season. Next, we'll develop a plan that melds Biblical principles, the Spirit’s voice, your personality, and practical wisdom. When you are ready, we’ll launch. There will be unforeseen obstacles, and at times, you’ll want to quit. That’s when your coach will be the most helpful. Through your hard work, we’ll arrive.

What do you charge?

        I charge $70 a session. If you are a BSSM student, it's $45 a session. 

How can I be sure that this will help?

          I am so confident I can help you, that if you are not happy for any reason during your first three sessions, you can cancel, and I will refund 110% of your money.

What type of client are you looking for?

         I am look for clients who want to grow and will do what they say they are doing to do. I don't like working with people who make excuses.  I only work with clients who commit to live by the values in the Character Covenant. 

What if I need to break an appointment?

            I need 48 hours notice on a cancellation. If not, you will be charged for a full secession. No exceptions.  

What if I am late?

            We will begin and end on time. If you are late, you will simply miss out on that time, and be charged.

Who makes the call?

          You call me. Please do it at your exact time, not before, as I have many clients to service. 

What if I recommend a friend to sign up?

          If you are a paying customer, and you refer someone who becomes a paying customer, then you'll receive a free session.    

Legal Stuff:

      I am not licensed by the state of California as a healing arts practitioner in psychology or medicine, nor am I a certified financial planner. What I do is change lives.