Character Covenant

         This is a covenant that you make with me when you enter coaching. In order to work with me you must give your word that you will live by these values both during and outside of your sessions. It is a very big deal that you understand what you are agreeing to do. So read it slowly.


Taking Full Responsibility:           

           I will own all my choices and I will refuse to blame others, whine, or make excuses for what I think, say, and do.


           I will tell myself what to do and do it, even when I don’t feel like it, or feel peer pressure.


           I will tell the truth, and I will do what I say I will do.


           I will do the right thing, even when I feel fear.   


           I will live out the things that I believe are true, even when I don't feel like it.

Delayed Gratification 

           I will do hard things today, so I can live the life I want in the future.  

Focused Thinking:

           I will intentionally choose to only dwell on thoughts that bring me closer to my goals, and choose not to dwell on distracting ones that move me away from them.


           I will become a healthy person who gets my needs met in healthy ways, and I will avoid and change all my unhealthy relationship patterns.

Your Covenant:

             I commit to live these virtues the entire time I am being coached. I want to be a person of character. I give my coach permission to expect me to live by them, and to hold me to this commitment. I understand this commitment is a big deal, and that saying, “I agree” will change my life as much as saying “I do” does for a person on his or her wedding day.

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I agree to live by these values while being coached.