Jesus did not want people to become Christians.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and probably one of the most hated for the evil done in God’s name.   It was Christians who started the crusades, inquisition, Salem witch trials, supported slavery, imprisoned Galileo, covered up for child molesters, blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building, murdered abortion doctors, supported Hitler, and hold up “God hates fags” signs outside of dead soldiers funerals.   Many are full of judgment, hypocrisy, hatred, and gossip.

Just so we are clear, there is a big difference between the religion of Christianity and the person of Jesus.   Jesus was a man who lived two thousand years ago.   He didn’t want to start a new religion.   He never asked anyone to become a Christian, or used that word.  He asked them to follow Him by obeying His teaching, and most Christians don’t.

So if you accept or reject Jesus it must be on the basis of the man himself, and not on what the religion that has hijacked his name has done.

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