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Real Life:

What's Holding You Back From Your Calling  (

Starting New Relationships                             (


Why Validate Miracles                                     (

Myths about Miracles                                       ( 

Miracle Evidence Documentary                       ( 

Church Leadership:

Getting Buy-in with Experiments                     (

Five Things Your Church Website Needs       (

Change Your Church With Prototypes            (

How to Read More in Less Time                     (  

Strengthen Yourself in The Lord                      (

How to Preach Better                                      (

Stop Wasting Time                                          (


Proof of Miracles                                             (Uncommon Legacy)


The Ride Home (Starts at 13:54)                     (

Brent Hanson                                                   (Blog Talk Radio)

Darkness Radio                                                (iHeart Radio)

The Blaze Radio                                               (The Blaze)  

The Eric Metaxas Show                                    (Eric Metaxas)                                             


Bill Johnson Part 1


Fox Interview:


Bill Johnson Part 2


Bill Johnson Part 3


Bill Johnson Part 4


Bill Johnson Part 5


By Others About the Film:

Kickstarter for Documentary Film About Science and the Supernatural   (

Miracles: Fact or Fiction                                                                            ( 

Documenting the Miraculous                                                                     (

Us Film Maker Crowd Funds $90,000                                                       (

Documentary On Medically Verified Miracles is Coming                           (

New Documentary will offer evidence that miracles are real
(The Christian Post)

Ex-pastor and filmmaker investigates whether God is performing real-life miracles- and here's what he discovers
(The Blaze)